Experts for the calculation of the value of water and pipe damages

Your partner for the technical evaluation of leaking pipes

We are experienced and competent experts for water damage caused by pipe damages.

Gutachter_undichtes_Rohr_LeitungswasserschadenWe assess and evaluate all types of pipeline damage and lead water damage and its consequences. We check the cause of the damage, give advice for the repair of the pipe damage and evaluate damage financially.

We not only have years of experience, but are also publicly appointed and sworn by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Maria Alm for the assessment of damage to plastic pipes and their rehabilitation.

We advise insurances and courts throughout the European Union in assessing pipeline and pipe damages of all kinds.

We carry out all kinds of material analyzes and material tests to give you a clear statement about the cause of the damage. We can also carry out theoretical calculations on pipelines in every aspect.

We can also provide you with great experience in the field of rehabilitation and claims settlement.

We always give advise personally.

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Special areas

Sachverständiger Kunststoff Kunststoffe Biogas Österreich Rohr Gutachter Kunststoffrohr Evaluation of pipe damages
Gutachter Kunststoff Rohre Sachverständiger Österreich Material testing of plastics
Sachverständiger Biogasanlage Biogas Rohre Kunststoff Österreich Gutachter Testing of foils and coatings
Sachverständiger Rohre Kunststoff Kunststoffe Biogas Österreich Gutachter Welding of plastics / corrosion
Statiken Rohre Gutachter Brunnen Schaechte Deponie Static calculation of pipes